Vaseline Hacks To Improve All Aspects Of Our Lives

Vaseline is one of those products most people tend to have lying around the house. It’s something they can turn to for the odd use here and there, such as if they want to care for their skin. Did you know that Vaseline can do so much more for you than what it advertises, though?

It might be time to pull that tub out from the back of your medicine cabinet and give it pride of place in your bathroom. That way, it’s never too far out of reach when you want to take advantage of the best Vaseline hacks.

Removing gum from hair and carpets is easier with Vaseline

Getting gum stuck in your hair is an absolute nightmare. Trying to pull it out usually only causes pain, prompting some people to resolve to cut it out. However, depending on how far its spread, this could leave you with a notable bald patch for some time. Luckily, there may be another option here – use Vaseline to get it out.


You might be reluctant to add anything to the mess, but a generous coating of this stuff should supposedly make it much easier to pull out. It’s apparently a similar situation with carpets if a wad of gum ever ends up on the floor. While you still have to be careful removing it, the Vaseline should make a big difference.

Lipstick stains should come out easily with a bit of Vaseline

It can be fun putting on a face of makeup before heading out on the town. However, the more you put on, the likelier it is that some of it will end up off your face before the end of the night. If it gets on your clothes, it can be particularly frustrating to try and remove later.


That’s especially the case when it comes to lipstick, but thankfully, there does seem to be a solution. Allegedly, if you put some Vaseline on the affected areas and then put the clothes in the wash, the marks should come out once the cycle’s complete. So, you needn’t worry about anything being ruined because of what happened that night.

A pumpkin’s lifespan can apparently be extended with the help of Vaseline

One of the best parts about Halloween is getting to show your creativity with pumpkin carving. However, you have to be pretty conscientious of when you actually do this. At the end of the day, pumpkins are still food, which means it’s only a matter of time before they start to rot and make your decorations look unappealing.

Perhaps there’s a way to carve your pumpkins when you want and not worry about this, though? Apparently, applying a thin layer of Vaseline around the edges can help your creative masterpieces look fresher for longer. It won’t stop the pumpkins from rotting altogether, but it should delay things long enough for Halloween to come and go.

Vaseline can help to remove a ring that’s stuck on your finger

It’s quite a terrifying moment when you go to remove a ring, and it won’t budge. That moment of panic when you tug and nothing happens can really drive up the anxiety. It’s especially problematic if the ring isn’t yours or you’re out shopping for one, so leaving it on and trying again later simply isn’t an option.

Thankfully, this is where another of our Vaseline hacks comes in handy. The best way to remove a ring that’s stuck is to grease it up, and that’s precisely what Vaseline can do. Apparently, applying some of it around the area with a Q-tip should help to loosen things up enough to pull the jewelry off.

Disc scratches shouldn’t cause glitches with the help of Vaseline

We get that compact discs aren’t something people use that often nowadays. However, some people still listen to CDs, watch DVDs, or play physical copies of games. So, they’re not quite obsolete yet. For that reason, it’s worth knowing how to look after these discs should they get scratched up and potentially stop working properly.

The trick is apparently to rub Vaseline on the back in circles and then wipe it away with a clean cloth. Hopefully, this should keep any glitches from happening, which is useful if you ever want to sell these discs later. You never know how much they might fetch for once enough time has passed that they become vintage.

Unscrewing jar lids is a lot easier with Vaseline

It’s pretty frustrating when you’re trying to cook something, or you want a snack, but you can’t get into a jar that you need. These lids are often screwed on tightly to help preserve what’s inside, which should be a good thing, except for the fact it means we can’t get into them. Thankfully, there are hacks to help.

If you’re struggling to get into one of your jars, you may want to grab a tub of Vaseline and apply some of the jelly to the thread edge. This ought to loosen things up, making it much easier to finally get the lid off and allow you to take what’s inside. Those stubborn jars won’t know what hit them.

Vaseline seems like a more affordable replacement for mustache wax

Mustaches seem to be on the rise at the moment. More and more guys appear to be rocking them without a beard, a look that probably would have attracted criticism some years ago. Of course, the rise of the mustache means we’re seeing plenty of people getting quite creative with how they style their facial hair.

You might think the ideal way to pull this off would be to buy specially-branded mustache wax. However, this stuff isn’t always that affordable, and there’s not really much it can do that a tub of Vaseline can’t. So, the next time you or someone you know wants to style their mustache, stick to this petroleum jelly.

Vaseline can help to transform your makeup in several way

We know that Vaseline can supposedly help to remove lipstick marks from clothing. However, this isn’t the only time where this substance comes in helpful around makeup. Apparently, you can also use it to try and gloss up your products when you want to go for a different look. For instance, making a matte product appear more metallic.

Another way you can allegedly use Vaseline to enhance your makeup is by creating your own customized blush or eye shadow. You just have to mix the jelly with loose pigments to bring your desired look to life. While you definitely shouldn’t overdo it, a touch of Vaseline here and there can offer up quite the makeup transformation.

Vaseline reportedly makes it easier to deal with bug bites

Going out and exploring nature can be a fun way to spend your time. However, it doesn’t always take much to ruin this experience, especially when there are a lot of bugs around. Even if you bring plenty of insect repellant with you, some bugs still somehow manage to land on your skin and bite you.

The temptation to itch these bites can be overwhelming. However, instead of giving into that urge, you should apparently consider rubbing some Vaseline on those bites instead. Allegedly, this can help them to heal faster. Plus, if the jar has been in the freezer, it can reportedly provide a nice cooling effect to the aggravated areas on your body.

Vaseline hacks could potentially both protect against and soothe windburn

People sometimes forget that the sun isn’t the only thing that can burn us when we leave the house. If it’s particularly cold outside, there’s a chance that the wind could also have a significant impact on your skin. Windburn is no joke, which is why it’s always important to layer up and protect yourself against the elements.

Something that could potentially help to reduce your chances of developing windburn is apparently to apply some Vaseline to your face before heading out. This is where windburn tends to be most common, as it’s the hardest area to cover up. Vaseline may also help to soothe the pain should you not be successful in protecting yourself against the wind.

Petroleum jelly should help if you haven’t worn piercings in a while

It’s believed that the vast majority of Americans have a piercing, most of which are apparently in the earlobe. Evidently, a lot of people see the appeal of wearing earrings, and we can’t blame them. Unfortunately, one downside of piercings is that you usually have to wear them consistently; otherwise, the holes start to close up.

If you haven’t worn earrings for a little while and are worried that doing so again might hurt because of this, Vaseline could potentially help. Apparently, applying this jelly to both sides of your earlobe should make it easier for the earring to slide through the hole with ease. So, you needn’t worry about going back to the piercing parlor.

Vaseline should keep ants away from your dog’s food bowl

Ants are something you always have to be on the lookout for in your home. An infestation is not pleasant, and you never know where these creatures will end up if you don’t deal with them. One place you could find them is in your dog’s food bowl, especially if your pet doesn’t eat what’s in there all at once.

Allegedly, a trick to keep ants away from their bowl is to apply Vaseline to the outside, as this makes it difficult for them to climb inside. However, you should be cautious of this because you don’t want your dog licking this jelly up. Consuming too much of it can upset their stomachs and lead to various problems.

A key slathered in Vaseline could protect your locks from freezing

Some people like it when the weather turns cold. Others, though, are much more resistant to these harsher conditions. One of the biggest problems that stem from a sudden burst of cold weather is difficulty in opening locks. Car door locks, in particular, can become quite tricky to use if the temperatures drop too low.

If you’ve had issues in the past with this, you might want to grab a tub of Vaseline. It seems that slathering a key in this stuff and then inserting it into the lock can help to protect the inside from freezing in cold weather. That’s because the jelly keeps out the moisture that would typically turn into ice.

Some Vaseline could help to resolve problems with a stuck zipper

A stuck zipper can be quite an annoyance, especially if you’re in a rush. Not being able to zip up a jacket or – even worse – a suitcase when you’ve got to leave the house is super frustrating. Rather than pulling at it and potentially making the situation worse, though, you should just grab some Vaseline.

A coating of this on the teeth of your zipper should lubricate it enough to get things working properly again. Just make sure you apply it with a cotton swab, as you don’t want the jelly staining your clothes. As much of a rush as you may be in, you still need to apply the Vaseline carefully.

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