Leftover Garlic Clove? This Is How You Grow Your Own Garlic

Leftover garlic clove? This is how to grow your own garlic

Are you tired of running out of garlic because you end up using more than the recipe calls for? Well, why not consider growing your own? It’s easier than you think!

Choosing the right time to plant

While most people focus on their vegetable gardens in the spring, garlic prefers a different season. Fall, specifically between September and November, is the ideal time to plant garlic. Although it can be grown in the spring as well, keep in mind that it tends to flower faster during that time.

Selecting the perfect clove

To start growing your own garlic, all you need is a single clove. However, it’s important to choose a good one. While a smaller clove can work, opting for a larger clove is recommended. After all, larger cloves yield bigger garlic bulbs, which is what we all desire!

Necessary supplies

You don’t need much to grow your own garlic. Simply gather a clove or multiple cloves if you wish to grow several bulbs, potting soil, water, and a planting space. You can utilize a vegetable garden or even a spacious pot on your balcony.

Wondering how best to proceed?

Step 1: Selecting suitable potting soil

Ensure that the potting soil you use is appropriate for growing garlic. Choose a type that allows good water drainage and is unfertilized. Proper drainage is especially crucial since excessively wet soil can hinder garlic growth.

Step 2: Planting process

Find a sunny location where your garlic can thrive. Prepare the soil by enriching it with potting soil or fill a large flower pot with the same. Using your finger, create holes a few inches deep in the potting soil. These holes will serve as the spots for planting the cloves later on. Pour some water into the holes and then insert a clove into each one. Cover them with soil and give them another gentle watering.

Step 3: Patience is key

Growing garlic doesn’t require excessive maintenance. Occasional watering is sufficient. The key is to be patient. After a few weeks, you’ll begin to see the first signs of life as a sprout emerges (if all goes well). However, it will still take some time for your garlic to fully develop. On average, it takes about six months until the garlic is ready for harvest. Once ready, remove them from the ground, hang them by the stem to dry, and store them as you normally would when they are fully dry.

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